Sunday, November 22, 2009

Seconds Handwarmers

So, I finally made some handwarmers for the old husb-cap. Considering I have made countless numbers of handwarmers, including for people I've never even met, it's rather surprising he's stayed immune from them for so long. I guess I was just waiting for the proper pattern - I used the Beer Mitts pattern from Son of Stitch and Bitch, and they turned out hefty and cushy and comfortable and look quite perfect on him.

Now for the embarrassing part. I started these while it was still hot enough to crave Popsicles. I know this because I took a picture of myself wearing one - a fully completed first handwarmer - while eating a Popsicle.

Ahhh me. I was faced with my laziness yet again when I friend was over asking about handwarmers, and I was able to pull out from various closets no fewer than four or five lonely, pairless little handwarmers that were abandoned before their mate could be finished.

Then, this week I was reading an article about socks and discovered a name for my exact problem - "Second Sock Syndrome," or in my case just plain "Seconds Syndrome," - that strong inability to have to do something all over again that you just did. It feels nice to know I am not alone with this. However, I'm starting to think I'm ready for a cure. There are some things - I don't know - a pesky office job comes to mind- that you have to do over and over again, one second, one monday after another. So, I guess those things you do have the power to finish - all ends-tied-in Done- really can't be so bad, no matter how tedious the process.

As some not-asked-for advice to anyone out there who may have a similar problem - no matter how nice avoiding feels - It feels WAY nicer to grit your teeth, finish the second one, and see them on your husband's lovely hands petting your dog's tummy.