Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fringe Cowl


Okay, so I am officially obsessed with triangle shaped cowls. Once I finished the Kerchief Cowl, all I could think about is how to transform my favorite scarves into cowls. This boho-style cowl is based off a mohair triangle shawl with ratty fringe that I knit up a few years ago and have gotten a surprising amount of wear out of. Who’d have thunk orange would go with everything?

This isn’t so much a pattern, as a bunch of guidelines. No need to be particular – the fringe covers up everything...

Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted
Needle: 10 1/2 circular (I knit at a loose gauge for more drape)
Gauge was about 14 stitches for 4 inches in seed stitch.
You’re shooting for about 17 inches total circumfrence at the top edge.

CO 59 Stitches

I knit in seed stitch in the round for about 1.5 inches. (K1, P1, repeat to end, then knit the purl stiches, and purl the knit stiches)

I then knit 1x1 rib for two inches (the ribbing was to bring it in closer to the neck for extra cozy. Because of the odd stitches, it didn’t come out exact. You could decrease 1 stitch to make it even and then increase a stitch when you switch back to seed stitch)

Switch to seed stitch again for another 1.5 or so inches, maybe a little more.

At the end of the next round, bind off 4 stitches, then another 4 stitches at the start of the round (8 stitches total).

Then I knit back and forth on the remaining stitches in seed stitch, decreasing by binding off 2 stitches at the start of each row for the next 6 rows or so.
Then I knit decreases at the beginning and end of each row till there were about 25 stitches remaining, or the width was about as wide as the ribbed section of the cowl.

From here I alternated one row seed stitch, with one decrease row (decreasing at both ends) until there were 3 stitches remaining. BO.

Then came the fringe, which is always my favorite part….


Aijung said...

hi, i found your pattern on ravelry and it's awesome! i'm going to try to knit one for my sister, and maybe one for myself. my sister wears the more textured, interesting sort of accessories better than me. (i tend to be more plain.) but we'll see. thanks for sharing!

rosalie said...

Hi. I love the look of this cowl. I am wanting to knit it, but don't have a lot of yarn on hand. I'm wondering if you could give an estimate how much yarn this project might take?

Thanks! and Thanks for the pattern!