Tuesday, October 26, 2010


That's right. My mystery vacation is revealed. Lucky little me...I am in the beautiful city of Oaxaca for a culinary tour and Day of the Dead celebrations. We had a little time to kill today before our tour starts, so my first stop? The Museo Textil de Oaxaca ( a textile museum!) for some serious woven and embroidered gorgeousness.

 The colors combinations were unbelievable and most made with natural dye. I had some opportunities for yarn gazing (my favorite activity):

And saw some other gorgeous designs, like this fanciful skirt:

Check out what's on the back!

   We headed over to the craft market ("Mercado de Artesanias")...

Where I picked out this fun little summery frock...

I have a hunch the rest of my days here will be filled with just as much amazing art and craft goodness, so I'll be sure to post lots of pics. Adios! or Hasta Luego! Or whatever else would make sense...which reminds me...I really, really need to learn how to speak Spanish....

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