Thursday, February 10, 2011

Put a Pin in it....


 Have you heard of this site called Pinterest? I don't quite remember how I got onto it - probably in one of those crazy alternate reality loops the internet throws me into every once in a while. It's a site kind of like facebook or craftgawker - you "pin" things you like from other websites and create "boards" with them. Other people can crib off of your pins, and you can crib off of other peoples.
The site itself and everything on it is really pretty, which is why every time I go on there I get very excited, very "pinterested" you could say. I imagine all the boards I can make, organizing all my thoughts and internet ideas and wants into one gorgeous little collaged package. But, I don't know....I just can't do it. I'm afraid my real life laziness has seeped online. All that mouse clicking and style hunting just seems exhausting.

So far, all I can manage on the site is to drool over other people's pins and boards. Sometimes I just want to cut and paste someone's whole user page into my life. So, in that vein, here are some lovely knitted related things I've found on pinterest from all the lovely, stylish people who aren't lazy....

Amy Butler has knitting patterns? Who knew! I want me some nautical stripes this spring:

Also on my spring knitting agenda - rock star drop stitches baby!

And Voila! The perfect bus to ride in on my rock star tour!

But perhaps the best thing of all, if I had to choose, would be to have this office:

Yes, the chunky throw backdrop is awesome and ingenious. But really, I want the whole office. I want the clean, organized desk. I want the knick knacks arranged just so. I want the calming, pretty blue walls. Ahhh me.... the internet really knows how to make you and your house feel like crap. But let me just say....if I had this office, I could pinterest with the best of them.  A girl can dream, can't she?

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