Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Daylight Savings Day!

Today is my favorite day of the year. Strange but true. And it's not just the whole extra hour that I love. For some reason, Daylight Savings Day always brings with it gloriously breathtaking fall weather. Sunshine. Crisp Air. Leaves crunching underfoot. And today is no exception. I consider today my own special holiday, complete with gifts and rituals and a coziness all its own. So I present to you my Daylight Savings Day traditions:

Tradition #1
Take a nice lazy autumn walk somewhere with pretty trees and a nice view and a yummy snack. 

Tradition #2
Don't turn your clock back the night before!! I treat my extra hour a little differently. I pick something that I have to do that I really don't want to do - when I was young it was homework, now it is cleaning my house - and I spend one hour doing it. Only then, as a special reward, do I get to turn the clock back. Poof!!! It's like I never did it at all! So magical.

That's it for the traditions, I guess. Maybe I need to do a little more work on the holiday before it'll take off. But it does always make me think about time and how strange it is, this collective agreement of ours. Most days, I never pay attention to the time.  I don't have a watch, my clocks are always wrong, and I hardly ever know what time it is, and this makes me feel much more lost and disorganized than it should. Sometimes I think Time is a big, mean teacher and I'm just a really bad student. Which brings me to this knitting clock from Norwegian designer Siren Elise Wilhelmsen.  

This ingenious clock actually marks time by knitting. It will knit a 2 meter long scarf over the course of a year, and the unknitted thread shows you how much time is left to knit in the year. This makes more than total sense to me. This is the form of time I've been living under! No wonder I'm such a bad student. I live in a totally different time world, and judging by my yearly knitting output, it's a warp-speed, light-speed, crazy fast kind of dimension. In fact, even though I do feel like a knitting clock most of the time, honestly, no matter what dimension I'm in.....I'm completely cuckoo....

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Shari G said...

I love that clock!! Very cool!!