Sunday, March 11, 2012

Conceptual Knitting

I've been running into some cool conceptual knits online recently. Like this awesome Sky Scarf project by Leafcutter Designs. It's made by knitting the color of the sky each day for a year! I have a feeling I would end up with a very grey scarf.

Slightly less cozy is this giant knit credit card by Dimitri Tsykalov that is slowly unraveling. If only debt, like knitting, could be erased by frogging.

These projects definitely make me think about what I would knit if I saw knitting as a way to communicate ideas rather than the usual cute, cozy, fun wearables. Maybe upcoming International Yarn Bombing Day would make a good debut for a little knitting installation art!

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Artyone said...

Sorry, I noticed too late that it IS Portland, OR. In fact I bought my first knitting needles from the old Knitting Bee location. Any chance that someone at the new Knitting Bee location would be able to show me how to do the lace portion of the pattern? My dentist is nearby, and I can stop after my next appointment.