Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kerchief Cowl - Updated!

The weather outside is freezing and not really that delightful. It was supposed to snow here, the weather peeps on TV have been attempting to whip up us into a snow-crazed frenzy for an entire week. But a little night-time snow shower was all we got, and it isn't pretty. My yard is sprinkled with small crunchy white bits that look and feel, but do not taste, like Nerds (the candy that is). Either that, or as if I decided to decorate my yard with 5 year old confectioner's sugar. Oh well. Maybe they're saving the good stuff for Christmas.

The cold weather has at least been good for one thing. I've been doing a whole lot of knitting, as well as a good amount of snuggling with my winter accessories, specifically the Kerchief Cowl I designed last winter. It's the warmest, coziest thing I've got in my repertoire, and I wanted to knit some up to share the cozy love.  Of course, I couldn't knit the pattern as is, even if I did write the darn thing, so mods began popping up as they always do. First, I started with a bulkier, puffier, tweedier yarn. I skipped the textural garter rows and left off the bottom triangle. Then I added a big ol' huge vintage button.

Huh. Still cozy. And then I turned it inside out and upside down and poof!

It turned into a cool, kerchief bandana like thing, just like I wanted all along. So, if anyone out there is knitting this pattern, feel free to experiment. It'll keep you cozy no matter what. If instead, you'd like one of these new updated cowls all knitted up and ready to snuggle your neck, you can get 'em here. And if anyone else wants a pretty snow-covered yard...well, sorry, can't help you there. Give me a few weeks.

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Moe said...

This is super neat! I do love the style. The button is awesome too :)