Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Crafty Wonderland!!

Wondering why I've been so scatter-brained and absent on this blog? Check it out!

This is where me and good ol' Neeka Knits will be this weekend, along with all the knitted friends I've been obsessively making for the past few weeks. (My hands are this close to surrendering, but I'm not letting them yet. I just use my circular needles as a whip and slap them back into submission).

What's funny is, I keep feeling like I haven't knitted enough, until I realize it's like I've made gifts for every single friend I have all in three weeks. Usually one hand knit birthday present takes me months. So I guess it's a lot. Who knows. I'll take pictures of my boothage to show you all and you can be the judge. Or better yet, if you're in Portland this weekend, stop by and see for yourself!


azancolli said...

It was great to see your booth. I bought a couple of patterns and am quite happy with them! Thanks for sharing your craft.

Ceci said...

I didn't knit any gifts for anyone - still trying to finish a sweater I started making myself in July!!