Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wrap This - Scrappy Jewelry for Scrappy Knitters

Like most knitters, I have a lot of yarn scraps, those odd little lengths of string that are sometimes barely enough to cast on with, but are long enough that I feel guilty throwing them out. I collect the detritus of them whenever I'm done with a project and stuff them into a drawstring pouch, hoping one day I'll find a use for them. 

Well, my sweet little scrappies, that day finally came. During one of my whirlwind "I need to organize my house!" weekends, I decided on a whim to "yarn wrap" my CD spool cover to cover up the ugly plastic.

It was so new and refreshing to use yarn in a needle-less kind of way, I started to think of other things I could yarn wrap. I wasn't quite ready to wrap the tree in my front yard (though looking at this picture from a tree in Japan, I think that should be one of my goals in life)...

So, I settled on yarn wrapping jewelry instead. Much more functional, summertime appropriate, and even better I got to use my long-waiting scrap collection!

Since I couldn't find anything the exact shape and size I wanted the earrings and pendants to me, I made my own shapes by hand forming lightweight, white polymer clay. I poked holes for the findings where needed before baking the clay.

These pieces ended up looking much sunnier and happier with their bright, wrapped stripes, and I like the way the white of the clay peeks out.

So, if you're feeling scrap happy this summer, or just need a break from knitting, put your scraps to work on some jewelry! These lovelies are also available for sale at my etsy shop .

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